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    Welcome to the BABET-REAL5 project website!

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    2nd BABET-REAL5 Workshop held at INIA Las Brujas, Uruguay

    WS2 INIA impressions

    Impressions from the 2nd BABET-REAL5 workshop in Uruguay

    The 2nd BABET-REAL5 Workshop took place on 27 June 2019 on the premises of INIA Las Brujas, in Canelones, Uruguay. It was specially dedicated to the use of sustainable eucalyptus residues as feedstock for 2G bioethanol production.

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    The main aim of BABET-REAL5 is to develop an alternative solution for the production of second generation ethanol based on smaller industrial scale than the already realised plants of first generation ethanol. Such plants of small industrial scale shall be applicable to a large number of countries, rural areas and feedstock.

    The target is to reach technical, environmental and economical viabilities in production units processing at least 30 000 tons equivalent dry biomass per year. This approach will definitely enlarge the scope of biomass feedstock exploitable for the production of biofuel and create better conditions for the deployment of production sites, to the benefit of rural areas in Europe and worldwide.

    BABET-REAL5 is co-funded by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 Programme.

    BABET REAL5 Project

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