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    Publications & Reports

    BABET-REAL5 Publications

    BABET-REAL5 Poster BABET-REAL5 Consortium Poster 2016 EN
    Flyer I
    BABET-REAL5 Info-Flyer_EN BABET-REAL5 Consortium e-Flyer 2016 EN
    BABET-REAL5 Info-Flyer_ES BABET-REAL5 Consortium e-Flyer 2016 ES
    BABET-REAL5 Info-Flyer_PT BABET-REAL5 Consortium e-Flyer 2016 PT
    BABET-REAL5 Info-Flyer_DE BABET-REAL5 Consortium e-Flyer 2016 DE
    BABET-REAL5 Info-Flyer_FR BABET-REAL5 Consortium e-Flyer 2016 FR
    Flyer II        
    BABET-REAL5 Info-Flyer_II_EN BABET-REAL5 Consortium e-Flyer 2019 EN
    Video Material       Link
    BABET-REAL5 - the Video BABET-REAL5 Consortium Video 2016 EN
    Public Deliverables        
    Deliverable 4.2 Identification and selection of lignocellulosic biomass feedstock at regional level   D4.2

    Deliverable 6.1

     Templates     D6.1

    Deliverable 6.2

     Website     D6.2
    Deliverable 6.3 Leaflet to start     D6.3
    Deliverable 6.4 Project video     D6.4
    Deliverable 6.6 Second leaflet     D6.6
     Events Place Author Date Type
     3rd Lund Symposium  Lund, Sweden CIEMAT

     November 2017

     Abstract & Poster
    EUBCE 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark WIP May 2018 Paper
    EUBCE 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark INPT May 2018 Poster
    14th CRRB Ghent, Belgium INPT May 2018 pdf
    14th CRRB Ghent, Belgium CIEMAT May 2018 Poster
    ETIP Bioenergy Workshop Brussels, Belgium WIP June 2018 pdf
    ELB 2018 Reims, France URCA June 2018 Abstract & Poster
    ENZITEC 2018 Florianopolis, Brazil INTA September 2018 Paper & Poster
    4CIAB Jaen, Spain WIP

    October 2018

    4CIAB Jaen, Spain CIEMAT October 2018 Poster
    4CIAB Jaen, Spain LNEG October 2018 Abstract & Poster
    Era da Bioenergia Campinas, Brazil LNEG November 2018 pdf
    Scientific magazines        
    BioEnergy Research INTA Abstract December 2017 Abstract
    Energies 2018 CIEMAT Article October 2018 Article

    Other Publications

    Second-Generation Biofuel Markets: State of Play, Trade and Developing Country Perspectives UNCTAD (Ed.) United Nations Publication 2016 EN
    Socio-Economic Impacts of Bioenergy Production Rutz D., Janssen R. (Eds.) Commercial Book 2014 EN
    BIOLYFE Handbook Part I Chiaramonti D., Giovannini A., Janssen R., Mergner R. (Eds.) Handbook 2013 EN
    BIOLYFE Handbook Part II Chiaramonti D., Giovannini A., Janssen R., Mergner R. (Eds.) Handbook 2013 EN
    Babethanol - bioethanol feedstock catalogue IICA PROCISUR, UNIUD-DISA, UCR (Eds.) Project Report 2013 EN
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