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BABET-REAL5 presented in Uruguay

BABET-REAL5 presented in Uruguay

On 15 May 2019, Cecilia Rachid and Leonidas Carrasco participated at the Biometrans workshop which was organized by the Biometrans Project, which is dedicated to the use of biomethane as fuel for cars. The event was organized at Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Pando in Canelones, Uruguay.

INIA Biometrans 

Leonidas Carrasco and Cecilia Rachid in front of their poster at the Biometrans workshop

Cecilia Rachid and Leonidas Carrasco presented the results for Uruguay which include the production of bioethanol and biomethane, that shall be used in the national market.
They also presented the whole project structure of BABET-REAL5, the different working groups and the challenges that were already identified in Uruguay, which include the costs for the operating materials (i.e. chemicals) and a distribution market for the products.

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Poster INIA

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