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  • Feedstock (WP4)
  • Introduction

Identification & selection methodology

The identification of lignocellulosic biomass feedstock shall find potential candidates for the production of ethanol in small-scale industrial production units in Europe and Latin America.

Identification & selection methodology

A standard methodology for the identification and selection of lignocellulosic biomasses in a given area will be defined based on the following multi-step approach:

  • Identification of the biomass residues available and their raw amounts after application of the chemical composition screening criteria.
  • Identification of the biomass net available amounts after investigating and taking into account competitive uses inside and outside the energy sector.
  • Mapping of feedstock net available in produced quantities ≥ 30 000 t dry biomass per year in 50 km radius catchment areas.
  • Conditions for accessing the feedstock taking into account the seasonality, production cost, the logistic and transport, intermediary and final storage and conditioning and the perspectives of long-term contract with the biomass suppliers.
  • Risks assessment on the sustainable and reliable supply.

The methodology developed for the identification and selection of feedstock will become a key prospection tool for the identification of lignocellulosic feedstock in other regions after the project.

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