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Training and visit of testing sites

Laboratory experimental sites in France (INPT Toulouse), Spain (CIEMAT Madrid) and Mexico (UNAM Mexico D.F.) were opened during the project and will stay opened after the project for practice-oriented education at master degree level, training and knowledge exchange. INPT’s pilot scale site in Tarbes South-Western France will be specifically adapted for the education and training of potential operators of the demonstration units, and the processing of new biomass feedstock after the project. Furthermore, visits will be organised for targeted potential users, stakeholders and investors in order to explain the potential of the new processes and develop interest for further exploitation of results after the project.

Technological approach
One major achievement of the BABET-REAL5 project was the development of single-stage reactor for the pretreatment of the biomass and the saccharification/fermentation process (SSCF). The technological approach can be seen in this short video of the pilot scale equipment under operation.
Researchers and private companies who are interested in this technology can get information from Gérard Vilarem at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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